How to get him to latch on again :(

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How to get him to latch on again :(

Post by mylittlej » Thu May 12, 2011 10:32 am


My son is 10 weeks old (today :D ) I stopped nursing him at 2 weeks of age, I had PND and was really struggling with motherhood in general. He also had suspected reflux and would thrash about - reflux is now much better on losec and in general he is a happier bub now.

I'm heartbroken I gave in so soon, I had every intention of nursing him at least until 6 months but with PND it was justa nother stress. I had a a great supply of milk, and most of the time we had no issues, so it was such a damn waste. The PND fog has lifted, I'm enjoying my baby now but desperately missing feeding him myself, I miss the closeness. I think as a result of our earlier days he isn't an overly 'attached' baby, he is happy but not fazed on being cuddled all day and prefers to sleep in his own bed etc, which makes me sad I may of contributed to this.

I'm on day 3 of our relactation journey now, I'm taking motillium, fengureek, pumping every 2 hours, drinking plenty of eater etc. The problem is though he won't latch back on. I express a little milk out and leave it on my nipple and all he does most of the time is lick it off! He has sucked a few times but not for very long, I think gets frustrated that nothing is coming out.

So how do I get him to latch on again and stay there! Once I start to produce more milk is he likely to be more interested? I'm so desperate to get him to nurse again and so devastated I may of ruined this for us both :(

Any advice on helping him latch again and stay there? Or are we a lost cause :cry:

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Post by Bex » Thu May 12, 2011 10:43 am

I am sorry I don't have any advice, just wanted to give you some virtual hugs. I am sure someone will be along soon to give you some advice, but until then have you tried calling the helpline?
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Post by Monicat » Thu May 12, 2011 8:11 pm

It is never a lost cause, I had a friend who relactated with her son, and she is now tandem feeding with her new bub. Here is a post to her blog and journey. http://journeytobliss-trudie.blogspot.c ... elactating

I would just try lots of skin to skin contact with him, your shirt off and him just in a nappy, and just laying with him on your chest. I agree about calling or emailing a councilor, they will have some great ideas I'm sure. best of luck with your journey.

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Post by JMZ » Thu May 12, 2011 9:28 pm

Definatly not a lost cause - There is a DVD out by Christina Smilie - baby lead attachment - See if you can get a copy of it. Its great she shows how she gets babies to breastfeed - Some of them are 6 months old and have always been bottlefed.

So it is entirely possible, but it may take some work. Have you got an LC that you can talk to?

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Post by JC » Sat May 21, 2011 8:03 am

I'd guess it's your baby's natural temperament to be able to sleep alone, and not anything you've done. My DS would only sleep in arms, my DD liked to sleep alone for about three months and from then on wanted to sleep next to me.

Have you been trying to breastfeed again? I only just saw your post.

Here's some further information about encouraging a baby to breastfeed again.

We're here to cheer you on if you decide to try.

If you want other ways to feel reconnected, I've heard people speak highly of baby massage.

How are you doing?
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