I'll probably just go with the flow.......

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I'll probably just go with the flow.......

Post by jal » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:11 am

But I wanted some opinions on this.

Last night DD tried to breastfeed. Twice.

DD is 6 and was weaned in Sept/Oct 2008.

I have no milk, but she attached well and just gently sucked for about 5 minutes the first time and half an hour the second time. I had gone to bed with them early last night as I've been very tired so I was just reading for a bit while they went to sleep and I didn't make a big deal out of it, i didn't really say anything to her.

So I think i'll just see if she asks again and go with the flow and if it seems like she wants to feed again I'll just follow her lead, but what do you guys think? Should I try discussing it with her to find out why she wants to feed all of a sudden? Or just take it as it comes?

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