14mo EBM/daycare

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14mo EBM/daycare

Post by Joeyinthesky » Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:55 pm

I'm very reluctantly looking into putting DS into FDC for one day per week while I work in the office. I've been doing two days per week from home since he was about 6months, and we've got to the point that it's just not working out, I need more solid working hours without my small "assistant". His Nanna looks after him here for one day and I pop out and feed him, put him down for naps, and we all eat lunch together etc so that day will continue.
I'm just ridiculously unsure about his feeds and sleep. He's very set in his ways with settling to sleep, hates being patted or 'helped' to sleep, I normally give him a BF about 930 as part of his nap routine, cuddle/sing, n his cot and he rolls around and settles himself off eventually. Same deal at 130-2ish. He also has BF about 7am when he wakes, the odd top up after naps and then bedtime feed + 1 or 2 night feeds.

The days that I've gone in to the office before, I've left two EBM bottles and he has those before naps which really helps him to settle off to sleep for his Nanna.
I am close enough that I could go in at lunchtime and give him a feed - or should I just start expressing more ASAP to have a stash to start sending, and express at work so I don't upset him by coming and going, and give the carer the best chance of getting him to sleep?

I'm really struggling with the idea of leaving him with someone else, and how he's going to go with it all.


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Re: 14mo EBM/daycare

Post by MamaMagoO? » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:01 am

Its really hard isn't it?

Often little ones can quickly adapt their routine for days when they are being cared for someone other than their mum so you may find that the FDC carer will have something she can do to help him settle that would never work for you and vis-versa. At 14 months many LOs are able to go a day without BM while their mum is away even when they continue to feed when they are together so that might not have to be something you worry about too much... Although you may find that you will need to express at work for comfort so you might as well send that ebm along for him.

My personal experience was that my DS (who started daycare at 11 months) hardly had any milk at all during the day when we weren't together even though I sent 2 bottles of ebm along for him every day. But he continued to BF a lot when we were together. They interesting thing is that my supply seemed to adapt to this pattern and while I needed to express at work for the first month or so, after a while I found I no longer needed too for comfort and as DS was not drinking the ebm any way I just stopped expressing. He continued to breastfeed until he says 3!

As for going in to feed him during the day, I think city might be something you could have a chat to the carer about. Sounds like a lovely idea but I understand why you are worried it might be unsettling. Your carer might have a better idea of how it would go. Or you could just give it a try and see how it goes.
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Re: 14mo EBM/daycare

Post by Penguin » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:12 am

Tbh, at 14 months I wouldn't (and didn't ) bother. Of course I don't know him, but I think solids and water would be fine, and then he'll just make up for lost time when he'swith you. Pumping is a pita.
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Re: 14mo EBM/daycare

Post by JMc » Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:13 pm

I have no experience of pumping or FDC, but just wanted to say that both mine dropped down to only one sleep a day by that stage, so if you did want him to have a bottle of ebm you might only need to send one very soon.
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