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Returning to the paid workforce, study or just going out for the night. Discuss issues related to leaving your baby with a carer here
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Mummy woo! wrote:As long as you are happy with the division of labour, it doesn't matter a jot what I think!

Buuuutttt, you aren't happy with the current size of your workload and while in general the whole room painting thing is great, maybe you could talk to him about how to take some more of the load off you right now when you really need it. Even just telling him you are feeling overwhelmed, and having a talk about it could help. And would you feel better if he took a little time to give you some praise for all that you do more often - the same task looks different when someone tells you that you are doing well and it is appreciated.

Not to mention that the investment (emotionally and time-wise) is quite different. It's like the lawn vs washing up - you can leave the lawn for months and it'll still be less than a day's work. You can't leave washing up for that long, and it's a constant drain.

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