childcare conniptions

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childcare conniptions

Postby Esther » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:18 pm

Back ay work late January next year. DD1 and DS are at school and will have after school care 4 days a week. I'm hoping to get DD2 into a FDC spot Tues-Fri. So seekdays that we generally work are mostly covered. I'm trying to decide if I want lots of different babysitters looking after the 3 children during our evening/weekend stints at work. Or do I try and find one person who can do our stupid hours? We did have someone like this once, is it too much to hope that we'd find someone like that again? I've even considered an aupair, but we don't have anywhere they could comfortably live in the house.

Any ideas I haven't thought of? Try and find one person to do most of it and find others where needed?

Oops. Brain fade. Wrong section... :oops:
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