Where does toddler go for second birth???

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Where does toddler go for second birth???

Post by catjo57 » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:40 am

I'm interested to hear stories about second and subsequent births - I still feed my daughter (19months) to sleep and cosleep and am worried what we'll do when I go into labour with the next one (in November). I'm trying not to overthink it, she'll be another 4 months older by then and who knows...but would love to hear stories from all you lovely b/feeding/cosleeping ladies :-)

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Post by Nedsmum » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:04 pm

we had a friend who was a university student, from a big family, familiar with kids. We organised for her to do some babysitting or to see her socially on a weekly basis before the new baby was due. In the end, the grandparents were away so she stayed at grandma's house (familiar place) with the babysitter overnight, then went to the babysitter's house the next day... and did all sorts of fun stuff, and then she was brought to the hospital when we let her know it was time to see the new baby.

She even took her away again after a short visit (our daughter got fairly bored about the baby after about 5 minutes) and dad went to pick her up later when he was ready...

I was only in hospital for one night...

One thing that did happen before the birth was that dad took over the night time parenting. This continued after her brother was born - I focused on the baby at night, and dad got up to the toddler...
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Post by Em's mum » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:12 pm

DD was feeding when I first started to get labour pains. We had planned for my mum to travel down (she lives 2 hrs from us) to look after DD. DH rang mum when we realised we were definately in labour (DD was induced, so I had no idea!). But while I was labouring, DH and DD amused themselves walking around the ward. I preferred her not to be there as I knew I would focus more on her and try not to scare her.

So when DS was born, DH was with DD. They came in just as he was being born and she got to help DH cut the cord. My mum arrived about half an hour later.

My mum stayed the night to help DH with DD, but they were fine. DD managed to cope alright without me being there, and I was discharged the day after DS was born.

We were the same as nedsmum. DH took over the night time parenting from when I was around 8mths pregnant... Even now, I tend to DS and DH tends to DD.


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Post by ~WildChild~ » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:16 pm

My mum and sister had my kids for subsequent births. When I had DS2, DS1 was still feeding, and when I had DD, DS2 was still feeding. They were older than your LO, but it wasn't an issue. They coped okay. And I was in hospital for 6 nights each time.
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