bub is 5 weeks old and going out for the night.

Returning to the paid workforce, study or just going out for the night. Discuss issues related to leaving your baby with a carer here
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bub is 5 weeks old and going out for the night.

Post by MUM2D+Z » Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:45 pm

I have been BF bub for the past 5 weeks and we have a concert tomorrow night and i have not been able to express as he is a very hungry boy and drains me all the time. I was thinking about giving him formula for the night then Bf him again when he is home. Im just wondering if anyone has done this and have had no problem with bub going back to bfing. Im worried that he will not want to go back and i dont want to stop feeding him. Im thinking the only way is not to go out..:(

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Post by Bailey's Mum » Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:11 pm

you can't take him with you?
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Post by vintage rose » Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:08 pm

How long are you going for? If its only a couple of hours, i wouldn't really worry too much about leaving a bottle, if you fed him staright before you left and straight away when you returned, as its not like he would be dehydrated without one for a reasonably short length of time, but could you have the person minding him stay near-by, that way if bub became unsettled and really hungry, he could be brought in to feed, or you could duck out and give him a quick top-up?

Have you tried expressing 10 minutes after he feeds? I generally could only express the teeniest amount of milk, but one time I was determined to build up my supply, so i started expressing 10 minutes after she fed, and it was amazing how quickly my boobs refilled, and how over the course of one day, the amount i could express went from less than 5 mls to about 50 ml.....and really, if 20ml-50ml is all you could get when put together over a day of expressing, it could be enough to tide him over while you're gone.....

Hope you work out a way to go, but if not, there will be other concerts- i know the feeling of disappointment though when you've looked forward to something special and it doesnt work out. Good luck!

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Post by Tani » Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:48 am

Last week I left my 3 month old with my MIL for over 4 hours, during a time he would normally have at least two feeds, he didn't have ANY milk at all in that time (I had left milk, he just slept the whole time). The previous time I left him, (about 3 weeks ago) he took much less than he normally would drink also. He had expressed milk in a bottle not formula, but had no problems coming back to the breast (and made up for the missed feeds during the night)

hope that helps

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Post by meme » Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:48 pm

How are you feeling about going out away from your bub? imo 5 weeks is pretty young to be away from mum. newborns are usually still feeding fairly frequently and like to be held and be close to a parent/carer most of the time. quite apart from the feeding for your bub, will you be comfy without your baby with you?

You may also find you need to express for your own comfort if bubs is not with you for feeds.

Most of the time newborns are very portable. Is there someway you can take bubs with you?

If not and you have to use some formula it is possible. I have met mothers who have succesfully combined breast and formula feeding but to make a decision you may want to weigh up some of the things that introducing a bottle formula could do, like; under 6 weeks most babies and most breasts are still getting the hang of breastfeeding and introducing formula may have repercussions because, skipping a feed will give a message to produce less breastmilk to your bub; baby will have to use a different suckling method to get milk from a bottle; formula will introduce a new food into babies diet that may have implications for their developing gut such as possible constipation, change to gut flora, increased risk of allergies.
The mothers I have known who combined feeding did not continue breastfeeding as long as is recommended (weaning fully onto formula at some stage before 12 mths) as combined feedings seems to increase the risk of premature weaning from the breast however for them they probably breastfed longer than they would have otherwise as using formula gave them a sense of being able to just leave the baby with other carers when they needed to, without this I think they would have given up breastfeeding altogether for the option of bottle feeding so actually using some formula really helped them to continue breastfeeding.

good luck with it and welcome to the forum

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Post by Eclectus » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:13 pm

my hubby and i went out on our first 'date' whe my baby was 4 weeks old, i expressed milk and my parents gave it to him in a bottle. for me it was great to get out with out my baby, my hubby had a harder time leaving him. i expressed while we were out (in between movie and dinner).

could you express maybe 30mins after your baby has finished feeding to just get a little bit of milk and store it up till you have a full feed?
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Post by breastfeedingisnormal » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:57 pm

Hi there
Just one bottle of formula will alter the balance of good bacteria in your LO's gut and raise the pH in her stomach. This will make her more susceptible to infections like pnuemonia, gastro, urinary tract infection and ear infection.
Many mothers find it easiest to express in the morning and to express from one side while the baby feeds from the other. You can then sway over. You won't be 'taking milk from the baby' because the baby is much more efficient that any pump and even when no more milk is available to the pump, there will still be more left for the baby. You may find that she is hungry again a little sooner than usual but if you just feed her again (you can do the feed one side pump one side thing again if you don't think you got enough the first time) she will have a full feed waiting for her. Has anyone mentioned that a full feed is available to your LO on 20-40 mins after the last one?
On another issue many mothers find that when they go out without their babies, they get very very full and uncomfortable. Monday morning on the Breastfeeding Helpline is usually all about mastitis. Many mothers who went out on Saturday night (wedding, 21st, hen's night ...) and didn't take baby or breastpump find that they have mastitis by Monday morning.
Perhaps you could investigate taking your LO with you in a baby sling? I have a friend who took her 5 week old to a Black Sabbath concert. She put little pieces of silicone putty in his ears to protect them and breastfed him to sleep in her seat. Then he slept right through it.
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Post by Mira » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:13 pm

I realise that your concert has long been and gone and I hope you had a great time, I just wanted to add my 2 cents as the live music expert after all the lovely breastfeeding experts.
Among 8+ years in the live music industry, I worked 5 nights a week for 4 years in a 300 pax live music venue with the bar about 4 metres from the stage. The music was hugely amplified and of course a lot louder than a show at an entertainment centre.
And I love the idea of babies being exposed to live music and I have taken my LO to a music festival before...
BUT in a lot of situations putty in the ears or earmuffs ala Apple Martin at the Coldplay gigs just don't cut it.
I wore industrial earplugs everynight (as did all my staff) and we still had to lip-read off customers to understand their orders. I also found that on nights with really heavy, bassy music my heartbeat seemed to skip and thump and beat a little irregularly.
I know baby are notorious for sleeping through really loud situations but damage to their hearing is still highly probable even if they are settled.
It's hard to weigh up risks etc in these situations but I would implore the lovely, well-meaning ladies before me to further consider the implications before advising that a baby be taken to a live music show.
I hope that is OK to say and I don't offend anyone :oops:. I would never question your knowledge about breastfeeding as I know how much experience you all have in the field, both professional and personal, so I hope you're OK with me giving my professional and personal experience with the related topic.
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