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Let us know when you see/hear of breastfeeding, or ABA, mentioned in the media
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Melbourne's Child magazine

Post by KathleensMum » Fri Jan 06, 2006 7:34 pm

In the Dec 2005/Jan 2006 issue of Melbourne's Child magazine is an article touching on breastfeeding in public...And how it is now illegal to discriminate against women who do breastfeed in public...

It touched briefly on Kirsty Marshall breastfeeding her son in Parliament...And also Kate Langbroek feeding on the TV show "The Panel"...

The final quote in the article goes " Leaving aside the hypocrisy, the more women who, like Marshall and Langbroek, expect that they can combine milk time with parliament or broadcasting time, the more it will become commonplace and accepted. One day we'll be able to go up and coo over someone breastfeeding rather than having to ignore it to prove it's normal. "

The article is an edited version from a book called "Breastwork: Rethinking Breastfeeding" by Alison Bartlett....
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Post by jennylee » Fri Jan 06, 2006 7:41 pm

Thanks Heather for letting us know about this. Great to hear of something positive in the media :D

Interestingly, Alison Barrett is one of the speakers at our upcoming seminars - Breastfeeding. Making a difference has all the information in case anyone is interested. Early bird registrations are closing soon! :D
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