Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Breastfeeding multiples, twins, tandem feeding. Or when mum or baby has special circumstances due to illness etc. Share it all here.
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Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by josie24 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:58 am

I have just found out that we are expecting bub no.2. My son is only 6 months old, he is fully breastfed, am I able to continue to feed him whilst pregnant? I had planned on weaning him at around 12 months. Some advice would be good please.. :D

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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by chiggins » Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:20 am

Hi Josie,
I fell pregnant again when my DD was only 12 weeks old and I was exclusively feeding her up until a week ago (she is 18 weeks old).
It just depends on you and your body. If you have the ability to continue BF then go for it! Has your LO started solids at all?
I am supplementing 2 feeds in 24 hours with FTU's because my supply dipped sharply and DD was getting quite stressed. You might find that your supply remains unaffected and you can continue BF. Your LO will tell you if something is not right or if he is still hungry after being attached for an hour or more etc.
There is absolutely nothing in the rule book that says you cant continue to BF when your milk turns to colostrum as Ive been told babies love the taste and its good for them!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Hope you have the most boring pregnancy and you are able to BF your son for the 12 months you were hoping for! x
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by breastfeedingisnormal » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:36 am

Hi Josie
Many mothers breastfeed right through their pregnancies and go on to feed both the toddler and the new baby. It's called tandem feeding. There's a booklet available through Mother's Direct (go to the main website to find it) called Breastfeeding through Pregnancy and Beyond and a whole book devoted to the subject called Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flowers. If you're still breastfeeding when the new baby is born, you just feed the new baby first for the first few days or weeks. Your milk doesn't really 'come in' it just changes and becomes more copious - and it happens much more quickly if you're breastfeeding another child. Feeding a toddler can also help a new baby to manage the engorgement/oversupply that some mothers experience in the days after birth - so it's all good, really.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by josie24 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:33 am

Thank-you so much, I will check out that book. I've had low supply issues with my lo, so at 3 1/2 months I introduced FTU's, but since starting solids about a month ago,(at 6 months) he now only has one 120ml top up late at night. He is eating heaps, so I'm not worried that he isn't getting enough food, just hoping my supply doesn't dwindle too much. I suppose if it does I could always increase the FTU's again... :)

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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by strolltotheshops » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:35 pm

This page ... and-beyond has some good info about breastfeeding through pregnancy and about tandem feeding.

And here's a link to the booklet ... and-beyond which a previous poster mentioned.

Also, as a previous poster mentioned, books such as Mothering Your Nursing Toddler and Adventures in Tandem Nursing are also good.

I've breastfeed one, two or three babies/toddlers through pregnancies and have then tandem/tri/quad fed and it has been wonderful for our family. Our oldest two children are 12 months apart in age, i.e. I was pregnant some months before we introduced complementary food/solids from 6 months of age and well before complementary foods became a significant part of nutritional intake, and feeding through the pregnancy and afterwards was fine. The other children have less than 2 year age gaps and are also fine.

None of our children has had supplementary feeds of expressed breastmilk or of artificial baby milk, but obviously everyone's situation is different.

Some mothers do get a bit sensitive or even feel physically or mentally averse to the sensation of breastfeeding when pregnant, and others don't have this issue at all.

Very best wishes for the pregnancy a d breastfeeding.

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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Post by MummaK87 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:51 pm

Hi there,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have a 12 month old and am expecting baby #2 at the end of the year. It has certainly been a challenge with the exhaustion and the nausea feeding the older bub and being pregnant. Lots of people have recommended the tandem feeding booklet so I am going to get that. Can't really offer too much advice as I am a bit unsure about how it all works myself but just wanted to let you know that a fellow Mumma is going through it with you :D

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