Breastfeeding and day surgery advice please?

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Breastfeeding and day surgery advice please?

Post by flaneur » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:16 pm

Hi. I'm having day surgery at the end of the month- reasonable straightforward procedure, should only be under for 30 mins to an hour. My husband will look after our four month old during that time, and I'm hoping to give him a feed right before hand.
BUT the doctor told me I'd have to pump and dump for 24 hours after surgery. He seemed to be sprouting a standard line, with his field being gastroenterology, not lactating mothers!
I guess I'm looking for other people's experiences. Could you feed while waiting to go in? After you were out of recovery? Did you have to pump and dump afterwards?

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Post by Mummy woo! » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:23 pm

The anaesthetist should be able to give you advice about when it is safe to feed.
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Post by flaneur » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:39 pm

Thanks. I expected that, but I don't think I'll be able to speak to him/her until right before the procedure. As we're traveling a couple of hours from home for this, I'm also wondering how much EBM we should take.
I'm just a nervous nelly :) I think hearing other people's experiences with day surgery and anaesthetic would help.

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Post by chiggins » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:41 pm

I had day surgery when DD was 2 weeks old and was under for about 40 minutes. I only had to wait 2 hours after I was released from recovery. I expressed to cover the time I was away from DD. :wink:
Shouldn't think you would have to waste so much BM... :?
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Post by flaneur » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:47 pm

That's what I thought. And he's so little, and such a cling-on baby I hate depriving him of boob when he'll likely be going through the 4 month growth spurt/sleep regression at the same time.
I figure if I can say "but other women have fed after Xhosas" I might have more chance of doing it myself!

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Post by fellare » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:12 pm

That sounds like a long time! I thought the medication was out of your body by time you wake as that is why you wake in the first place. You may want to find out what painkillers are used and if any other medications will be used. There are obviously safe painkillers as so many of us have major operations and a new born baby (c/s).

Rodney Whyte, from the Monash medication info line, should be able to give reliable information. We're not doctors, so can't advise you.
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Post by Esther » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:31 pm

Ask (insist if necessary, it's important for you and bub) for the anaesthetist's details, ring them, then ring Dr Rodney Whyte and get the appropriate info. His number is 03 9594 2361. He's one of the loveliest people I've ever spoken to on the phone and what he doesn't know about breastfeeding and medications is probably not worth knowing.

We can get a bit too used to not questioning the medical profession, but there's no law against asking doctors "why?", or if there's an alternative available that will make your job as a mum easier.

You should be able to feed until you're actually in surgery, that was certainly my experience when I had surgery with DD1 at 4 months.

Also perhaps contact the hospital now and ask as many questions as you can.

Good luck
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Post by Penguin » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:50 pm

Good luck with the surgery. THis info might help and has contact details too ... naesthesia
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Post by Ducks » Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:05 am


Here's a thread where a similar question was asked and I described my recent experience

Definitely call the anaethetist (s/he should call beforehand anywau to discuss the procedure with you anyway).

All the best.

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Post by Snake Hips Mcroy » Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:11 am

If the only drugs are the anaesthetic, they can definately be breastfeeding friendly - they use both spinal and general anaesthetics for c-sections, to repair bad tears, to do a D&C, and you can most certainly breastfeed after giving birth. But definately speak to the anaesthetist, it's their job to talk you through the options.
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Post by Monicat » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:19 pm

Personal experience only, I had a day surgery to remove my wisdom teeth when DS was 6 moths old. I fed him before I went in and then fed him again almost straight away when I was recovered from the surgery, I din't pump and dump at all.

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