Forum Time Warp - Back to the future.....

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Forum Time Warp - Back to the future.....

Post by jennylee » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:46 pm

Hi everyone,

Recently the forum server experienced some sort of 'time warp' and many of your posts were future dated.

The server date has now been restored to normal, however that leaves some of you with your last posts occuring in the future.

As the forum software won't allow you to post before your last post - we have a situation where you need to wait until your last post is actually in the past and not the future before it will let you post again.... :(

As one forumite was heard muttering just moments ago "now where did I leave my tardis- and where's my time lord?! I demand a Time lord with this time travel!!!!"

PM's still work - so if you want to post , PM a friend and ask them to post for you..... Otherwise...... Enjoy catching up with chores while you wait for the future to unfold :)
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