A reminder to all - please read

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A reminder to all - please read

Post by jennylee » Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:23 am

A reminder to everyone that this forum is provided as a means of support. Can everyone please re-read our forum guidelines. Flaming, putting down others, name calling (and in particular calling people breastfeeding nazis or mafia) will NOT be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and repeat offenders banned. Moderators have been instructed to delete or move posts without warning.

We are not into censorship, so welcome all opinions, so long as they are given without putting down others and given in a tone that is not offensive to others. Stating as fact that your feelings are the only true and correct ones regarding a topic can be offensive - it may not be a direct put-down of someone else, but can still be offensive to others. Please be mindful of the written word not always coming across as you intended. And please be mindful that putting down groups of people, while not personal, is still offensive.

As moderators we have always been impressed with the intelligent and supportive ways in which our 'forumites' have discussed topics, shared experiences and supported one another even when they have not agreed. Healthy debates are fantastic!! Please keep discussions on this forum 'Healthy'

Thank you.
Australian Breastfeeding Association

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