Subscription savings for all

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Subscription savings for all

Post by Mel P » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:23 pm

subscribe or resubscribe to the Australian Breastfeeding Association NOW and SAVE on your subscription

The ABA Board has approved an increase in some of our subscriptions,
effective from 1 January 2009. We have not had an increase in subscriptions
since 2003 and during the years since then the real costs of providing
member services, including postage, stationery, printing, and staff
resources, have increased significantly.

Our subscription continues to be wonderful value for money and we are
pleased to announce that no price increase will be applied to renewal
subscriptions (including 2 year renewals). The new subscription rates are
based on a formula which includes discounts for multiple year subscriptions
or subscribers who are entitled to a concession and will allow us to
effectively monitor the need for price increases in the future.

The subscription rates are set out below:
New 1 year (Aust) $65.00
New 2 years (Aust) $95.00
New concession 1 year (Aust) $50.00
Renewal 1 year (Aust) $50.00
Renewal 2 years (Aust) $85.00
Renewal concession 1 year (Aust) $35.00
New overseas 1 year $95.00
Renewal overseas 1 year $80.00
New overseas 2 years $155.00
Renewal overseas 2 years $145.00
Health facility subscriptions (10) $95.00
Health facility subscriptions (20) $135.00
Health facility subscriptions (50) $255.00

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